Seta Capital and Sinolink Securities strike a partnership for cross border M&A

Seta Capital and Sinolink Securities have striken a strategic partnership to better serve their clients in Europe and in Asia. Sinolink is a full fledged securities firm with more than 2300 employees and his Crossborder M&A team ranks among the best in Asia.

Thanks to this partnership Seta Capital will be able to access the tremendous network of Sinolink in Asia while Sinolink will be able to leverage the experienced team of Seta Capital in Italy, Germany and the UK.

"We are very proud to announce this partnership", says Tanya Wen, Managing Partner of Seta Capital, "This partnership formalizes our long lasting cooperation with Sinolink's strong M&A team, and will foster the international growth of both companies".

Tommaso Lazzari, managing partner of Seta Capital adds: "This partnership is creating a great deal of synergies between the two companies, not only it creates a win-win relationship between the two firms but also it delivers a massive added value to our clients".

Seth Wu, the Executive Director of International M&A team in Sinolink in a press release has applauded the partnership as a considerable step forward to better serve Chinese investors. He says: The major clients of Sinolink are the listing companies in China with rich financing channels and strong M&A desire. Through Seta Capital, we have confidence to serve clients better by providing high quality investment opportunities in Europe.