Business administration & Accounting

What we do

Seta Capital's expert accountants are able to create accounting systems that adapt to all local and international accounting standards, notably IFRS, Chinese, and Italian. In addition to the reporting systems that enable investors to track and monitor their business, we also provide a full set of accounting services for the related administrative needs. These services include:

  • Establishing accounting systems
  • Defining accounting procedure and chart of accounts
  • Preparation of accounting books
  • Financial reporting
  • Annual audit
  • Periodic internal audits
  • Accounting and fiscal advisory
  • Specific training for expatriates and local staff


What makes us different

Seta Capital values the multi-cultural backgrounds and diverse educational experiences of its team that have crafted a group of accounting specialists with a unique global perspective. Thanks to our multi-cultural team of accounting specialists we are able to smoothly adapt to accounting principles across both China and Europe. 

Our international accounting specialist team excels in market research and international business. In order to ensure maximum client satisfaction, we provide continuous assistance and support to our enterprises through accounting and tax advisory. 



-    建立财务报告系统
-    制定会计程序及会计科目表
-    准备会计账簿
-    准备财务报告
-    年度审计
-    定期内部审计
-    税务咨询
-    外派人员及内部职员培训