Interim Management

What we do

Seta Capital is a trusted partner that provides executive interim managers. Our professional team can replace, supplement, and coach managers as well as assist enterprises to develop and execute strategic business plans. The interim operations management period varies in length of time depending on the process. For example, the project cycle management may only require a few weeks while a more permanent replacement can take months to complete. Our interim management services include:

  • Interim executive
  • Manager consulting/coaching
  • Management of major projects
  • Corporate Strategy developing
  • Launch of initiative/product/service
  • Responding to industry-/market-specific issues
  • Turnaround/corporate crisis/insolvency


What makes us different

Seta Capital is made up of a team of management consulting and industry experts who have a professional perspective and insight in all industries, including corporate investment, manufacturing, fashion, food and beverage, healthcare, advanced technology and IT. Our team is experienced in strategic management, market research, and corporate restructuring. Our diverse experience allows us to strategically develop the best possible business plans for our clients. 



-    执行代管
-    经理人咨询与培训
-    项目管理
-    企业战略计划制定
-    活动/服务/产品发布
-    市场及行业问题处理
-    重建管理/企业危机管理/破产清算管理