Debt Restructuring

What we do

Seta Capital helps businesses solve financial distress and debt management. Our experienced and professional experts provide debt consulting and debt restructuring services including:

  • Debt refinancing
  • Terms negotiation
  • Establishing competitive process for lenders selection
  • Recapitalizations
  • Debt raising
  • In-court and out-of-court transactions


What makes us different

Seta Capital offers a detailed analysis of client's potential complications and uses its innovative mind to advise on debt management. Over the last few years, we have successfully solved complex cases in many different industries and in multiple countries. Our team is also proficient in M&A consulting. The Team's expertise brings sector insight and quality services dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients.




  • 债务融资
  • 债务再融资
  • 债务条款谈判
  • 贷方竞标流程
  • 资本结构重组
  • 庭上与庭外交易