Our Advantage

“All intelligent investing is value investing — acquiring more that you are paying for. You must value the business in order to value the stock.”
— Charlie Munger


If you want to do business internationally you need a professional advisor that helps to unlock the value of local investments, and discovers the potential of business development. The value brought by a financial advisor is significantly greater than the cost of hiring one. The profound impact of financial advisors to a business has been proven by many cases.

If you want to do business in China, you need a professional financial advisory team, especially a diverse one like Seta Capital, that enables clients to explore Asian markets comprehensively. You need a team on the ground in Asia able to speak the language and communicate effectively with local partners, understanding the background of the situation and interpreting even the unspoken language and the local habits.

M&A activities allow companies to increase value generation, cost efficiency and market share. The ability to successfully accomplish M&A activities is a strategic resource that can give companies a competitive advantage that their peers will struggle to replicate. Outstanding financial advisor helps enterprises constantly create values through M&A capability.

Corporate investment including M&A activities can be massive and complex. An experienced financial advisor considers the most detailed questions, whilst allows clients seeing the deal in a holistic view. The participation of financial advisor in an M&A activity promises the success of the investment.

A global network of financial advisors also provides the clients with established relationships with other influential players, which can make sure the transaction runs fluently.

The straightforward, informative and relevant advice provided by the financial advisor allows clients to better understand the transaction, and makes the investment planning and strategies more transparent.