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Seta Capital is a financial advisory firm, specializing in cross-border corporate investments, M&A, partnerships, and corporate strategy. Based in Milan and Shanghai, Seta Capital has proven execution capabilities and an extensive network to bridge Asian and European markets. Seta Capital services are tailored for clients who need specialized financial advisory. Our international team is dedicated to unlocking value in Foreign Direct Investments, M&A, business development, and other cross-border business opportunities. Seta Capital's team of engineers constantly monitors the manufacturing and industrial sector's development in Europe and China. Our objective is to detect every opportunity as it arises, while supporting companies and entrepreneurs to leverage their own technology.

Our Mission

We strive to bridge the gap between Europe and Asia through our world class, cross-border M&A services by providing our clients with valuable investment planning strategies to help European businesses raise capital within the Chinese market.



Financial Advisory

Our experienced, independent, and international financial advisory team provides the best possible services throughout the transaction process, from start to finish. The Seta Capital team delivers a greater understanding of divergent markets while guiding clients through the challenges that arise when making international business transactions. Our advisory services cover all M&A activities including:

  • Joint venture and strategic alliance
  • Merger and takeover
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Preparation of teaser and information memorandum
  • Arrange acquisition finance
  • Business disposal and acquisition
  • Demerger and spin-off
  • Shareholder restructuring
  • Bid defense preparation


Seta Capital is able to provide integrated advisory services to our clients due to our strong network ties with leading banks and financial institutions across Chinese and European markets. Our team of advisors from all over the world will provide the best solution amongst all industries in both Europe and China.


Market Intelligence

Seta Capital helps investors explore foreign markets by providing statistical analysis, market intelligence, and implementation services. Our experienced team provides analytical services including:

  • Market research and market analysis
  • Evaluation of foreign market conditions
  • Identification and assessment of potential business partners
  • Scouting for suppliers
  • Scouting for agents and distributors
  • Investment analysis
  • Strategic planning


Seta Capital's global network of financial analysts contributes to the affluent knowledge and insight on international business markets. Our team has a diverse background with experiences in the retail market, fashion brands, manufacturing, and advanced technology. Over the past years, we have assisted both Chinese and European businesses of all sizes to enter foreign markets. Our engineering team has a thorough understanding of our clients' products and finds the best solution.


Debt Restructuring

Seta Capital helps businesses solve financial distress and debt management. Our team provides debt consulting and debt restructuring services including:

  • Debt refinancing
  • Terms negotiation
  • Establishing competitive process for lenders selection
  • Recapitalizations
  • Debt raising
  • In-court and out-of-court transactions


Seta Capital brings sector insight and quality services dedicated to satisfying the needs of our clients. We have successfully solved complex cases in many different industries and in multiple countries. Our team is also proficient in M&A consulting.


Interim Management

Our professional team can replace, supplement, and coach managers. We also assist enterprises to develop and execute strategic business plans. The interim operations management period varies in length of time depending on the process. The project cycle management may only require a few weeks while a more permanent replacement can take months to complete. Our interim management services include:

  • Interim executive
  • Manager consulting/coaching
  • Management of major projects
  • Corporate Strategy developing
  • Launch of initiative/product/service
  • Responding to industry-/market-specific issues
  • Turnaround/corporate crisis/insolvency


Seta Capital's team is made up of management consulting and industry experts who have an insightful perspective on all industries, including corporate investment, manufacturing, fashion, food and beverage, healthcare, advanced technology and IT. Our team is experienced in strategic management, market research, and corporate restructuring.


Business Administration & Accounting

Seta Capital's expert accountants are able to create accounting systems that adapt to all local and international accounting standards, notably IFRS, Chinese, and Italian. In addition to the reporting systems that enable investors to track and monitor their business, we also provide a full set of accounting services for the related administrative needs. These services include:

  • Establishing accounting systems
  • Defining accounting procedure and chart of accounts
  • Preparation of accounting books
  • Financial reporting
  • Annual audit
  • Periodic internal audits
  • Accounting and fiscal advisory
  • Specific training for expatriates and local staff


Thanks to our multi-cultural team of accounting specialists, we are able to smoothly adapt to accounting principles across both China and Europe. Our international accounting specialist team excels in market research and international business. In order to ensure maximum client satisfaction, we provide continuous assistance and support to our enterprises through accounting and tax advisory.

Millions of Euros of Transaction managed


Track Record

The deals We have worked on


An Italian Cast Resin Transformer manufacturer TMC SpA

Seta Capital was engaged by TMC SpA to in order to raise capital for the restructuring of the company.


An Italian Robot manufacturer EPISTOLIO Srl

Seta Capital was engaged by the main shareholder in order to structure a JV for the development of the Chinese Market.


A listed Chinese Chemical Compound Production Company

Seta Capital was engaged to assist the Client with the strategy to complete an acquisition of an Advanced Material manufacturer in Europe.

Our Team

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Tommaso Lazzari

Managing Partner


Tanya Wen

Managing Partner


Daniele Nieddu

Business Development Director


Giovanni Gioli



Cathy Jiang



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Seth Wu



Sergio Campodall'Orto

Senior Advisor


Alessandro Osnaghi

Senior Advisor


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